5 Tips For An Easier Transition

Dated: November 8 2018

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New beginnings can be scary. 

The uncharted territory, unanswered questions, unsettled feelings. With so much to learn and so much at stake, it can be overwhelming.

But these transitions, these new beginnings, are when we feel most alive. The struggles and shaky steps show us where to grow, where to lean in, and where to pay attention. 

I've become a master of new beginnings. I've moved every couple of years since I was in high school, from one home to another, new communities, new states, new countries even, and I've learned so much along my journey. Prepared or not, transitions are a lot to take in. We have to juggle work, family, friends, and finding a place for ourselves in a new community. Sometimes there's a network of support, but often there's no one to show us which step to take next, where to put one foot in front of the other. It takes practice and courage to branch out, and I've learned that doing the work at home first ensures our success in the outside world. We need a safe space, somewhere to call home, a place to put down roots and feel grounded when the whirlwind of new starts to take its toll. Having a home base we feel safe in, that brings peace and security, is pivotal to our mental health and a happy transition to a new phase of life. 

Here are a few tips I've learned to help make a transition exciting and adventurous, rather than scary or stressful: 

1. Nest

You don't need to invest a lot of money buying new furniture or decorating your new space if you don't want to. Small touches can go a long way. Make your home your own. 

Give it a good scrub, plug in some lamps for soft lighting, add some plants for fresh life and your own personal touches that make you happy. 

Spend some time making yourself comfortable, arranging and rearranging, and getting to know your space, so you can settle in with a clear mind. 

2. Be quiet, be still.

Breathe. Picking up and starting over can be a source of anxiety none of us need. We are all over stressed, over worked and under rested. Carve out some time in your day to reconnect with yourself. 

Maybe that looks like meditation or writing in a journal, practicing yoga, hitting the gym, going for a walk in your new neighborhood, or just sitting in a quiet room for a few minutes. 

Try thinking of a few things you feel grateful for, setting a small, attainable goal for the day, then telling yourself it's accomplished. 

Even if it's just 10 minutes a day, consistency will change your world. 

You can do this. 

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3. Get some help.

The great thing about community is we rely on each other. Don't be afraid to ask for help! 

You don't know where to buy fresh, local produce for your family's healthy meals? Ask!

Which schools offer the right programs for your student's success? Ask!

Not sure where you can plug in to a service organization or a fitness group to find a new social circle? Ask!

Identify what you need to make your life feel full, and then let it be known. (That's why I'm here!)

4. Show up! Share your awesome self.

People are willing to show up for us when they know who we are and what we're about. Be confident in what you have to offer (I promise, it's so much!), and be open to sharing it with others. 

You have nothing to prove, and there's no expectation for you to contribute what you don't have. Your community just wants to get to know you. 

When we meet others with open hands, a willingness to share our gifts, talents, and insights, we'll receive more than we can carry in return. 

Suddenly stressful situations, unmet needs, fears of the unknown become insignificant because we have a team of people standing with us. 

You have support. Show up!

5. Be open to learning, one day at a time. 

Often when we start something new, we let the mountain ahead discourage us from taking the next small step. 

Sure, the leap from start to finish is long, but if we'll just focus on what comes next, turning our gaze to where we are right now, progress will happen on its own. 

Be present and learn little by little. Don't overwhelm yourself with information overload or try to take on everything at once. 

Just pick one thing at a time to focus your attention on, learn a new lesson, ask a new question, then take the next step. 

The key is patience, keeping an open mind, and pacing yourself. 

Consistency over intensity is the name of the game. 

“In the real estate business, you learn more about people, 

and you learn more about community issues,

you learn more about life,

you learn more about the impact of government, 

probably than any other profession that I know of.” – Johnny Isakson

I love to learn. I've been a teacher since I graduated high school, and though I've stepped out of the classroom and into the real estate business, my utmost goal is to be a life long learner. 

I learn something new about the real estate business daily, and as I continue to interact with my community and take an active role in its development, I learn more about our needs and my own gifts too. 

I'd love to share them with you, help you find your new nest and safe haven, help you plug in to a new community, and help you make an easy transition. 

If you're ready to make a change, let our team know how we can serve and support you. Together, we got this. 

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5 Tips For An Easier Transition

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