A Letter On Service

Dated: November 20 2018

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Hey friends -


Thanks for checking in. Depending on where we last left off, you may or may not know I've landed in San Marcos, Texas.  After moving around and living abroad, I craved a place for myself, a community to connect with and call home. I still love to travel and explore, but having a solid home base makes flying off on adventures sweeter somehow, and San Marcos fits me well. I didn't know anyone when I arrived the summer of 2017, but through teaching at San Marcos High School and practicing yoga at Red Dawg Hot Yoga, I found a place of my own and a community I love.

I have always had a heart for service. My graduate studies focused on public service and community development, and as a high school teacher, I was fulfilled by the relationships created in my classroom, with students, parents, and colleagues. While my studies and work connected me with need, I still felt there was space for me share to something different, and so I became a yoga teacher. Practicing and teaching  yoga has brought me to so many amazing people, and these experiences helped me identify the things that fit and those that need some adjustment. I want my life to be a union of my passions and talents, so I can share my best with those who have given me so much. I'm excited to announce I have joined my family's real estate business, Impact Realty Group, as a culmination of my joys and interests and a way for me to help others piece together their best lives.

The great thing about being a teacher is I know how to be a good student. Though I've been around the real estate business since middle school, helping my parents serve their clients and watching the process of flipping homes turned into an art, there is something new to learn about this business every day. I'm constantly exploring the market, watching design trends, researching community impact, and learning what it takes to turn a potentially stressful transaction to a smooth transition.

If you're buying or selling a home, looking to make a real estate investment, renting, remodeling,or just have interest in the market, I'd love to talk with you. Although I'm serving the Central Texas area, I want to show up for my people all over, and every conversation about community and real estate is an opportunity for me to learn and give. Let's talk about your needs, what you want your life to look like,and maybe I can help you carve out something new for yourself and make a transition that fits you too

I am grateful for you, this life, and each new step of this journey. Happy Thanksgiving!



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